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Bhang Chocolate


Bhang Chocolate

Bhang Chocolate has been making non-medicated chocolates for years for such retail outlets as Whole Foods. We are focused on crafting Bhang’s award-winning medicated chocolate bars. At Bhang we strive to set industry taste and quality benchmarks. We are committed to remaining the established leader and to continuing to set the standards on how thing should be done. We are founded first and for most in making world class chocolate.

Our culinary infusion of medical marijuana begins with fairly traded Venezuelan criollo cacao and only the finest natural ingredients. Then It ends up as gourmet chocolate cannabis bars made by hand in our revolutionary laboratory-kitchen located in the heart of California.

We have been a chocolatiers all along, that’s very different than someone who buys boxes of brownie mix, throws in cannabis, bakes the stuff and sells it as medical marijuana.

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Bhang chocolate is for chocolate lovers who crave a high-quality edible containing an incredible, cannabis-free taste. Furthermore, this product has been verified several times to make sure the consumer has a premium experience.

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Unlike competitors in the space, Bhaang tastes like chocolate – not cannabis. Also, available in compliant packaging, a variety of flavors and at an excellent price point with Fair Trade, sustainable-sourced cacao. It is important to note we just perfected this product to suit consumers. In addition, this product stroke the internet as one of the best edibles 2020.

The taste of Bhaang is more inclined towards a snack rather than a cannabis based product. This attracts a lot of attention but caution should be taken cause it is quite a kicker. This product is worth a try as it can be consumed in a quiet and without any attention drawn due to lack of smoke.

Bhang Chocolate for Sale

It is advisable to start small, as this is the main problem. where to buy Bhang chocolate online is no longer a problem as we are present for you at every turn. Just a click and you can get that experience on your bucket list you have always wanted to feel. Buy cannabis candy online today is not a problem any longer. We are at your door step for delivery just for the best experience ever.

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1 Oz, 1 pound, 1/2 pound, 1/4 pound, 10 packets


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